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Using SimmerMat > Who Uses SimmerMat

The following companies and celebrities use and recommend SimmerMat:

Mail Order Companies
HomeCARE selected SimmerMat for their catalogue. (Australasia)
Alison and Simon Holst, New Zealand cooking celebrities, selected SimmerMat for their mail order catalogue.
Lakeland (UK), and Kitchen Kapers (USA)
Cooking Club of America (USA)

Celebrated Chefs
Catherine Bell, Epicurean Workshop Cooking School and author.
Bruce Griffiths and Philip Rossiter of 'Cook N With Gas', winners of 2000, 2001, 2002 New Zealand Restaurant of the Year.

Television Celebrities
Jamie Oliver uses SimmerMat on his show.
Jo Seagar, New Zealand television cooking host and author.
Peta Mathias, respected and prolific New Zealand chef, author and broadcaster.
Ray McVinne, food stylist, writer and food editor for Cuisine Magazine.
Stephanie Alexander, Australian cook, restaurateur and food writer.
Annabel Langbein, cook and writer.

Appliance Manufacturers
Fisher & Paykel include a SimmerMat with every Quantum Series gas cooktop.

Photo at top courtesy of Christchurch Press Co Ltd.

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