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How to use SimmerMat Solve the problem that has troubled cooks for years - how to bake crispy pie bases

Crisper Pastry Pie Pan > Baking with the Crisper Pastry Pie Pan

Baking with the crisper pastry pie panBron MarshallTrained Chef, Food Stylist, Blogger and Photographer Bron Marshall leads a busy life.

However she found time to review the Crisper Pastry Pie Pan, baking and photographing the superb image of the Cherry Pie seen on our packaging and website.

Here's what Bron says about baking with the Crisper Pastry Pie Pan:

"To tell you the truth I was a little worried about the assignment at first, simply as I had not made a large fruit pie for quite some time and was a little out of practice. But I needn't have been nervous - the Crisper Pastry Pie Pan worked perfectly the first time.

In fact the cherry pie image you see on the packaging, I'm proud to say, was my very first attempt using the new pan. The cherry pie was baked in the pan, styled with the pan and served from the pan to my family with a perfectly crispy and tasty crust.

At my family's request since working on the Crisper Pastry Crust Pie Pan assignment we have enjoyed several more pies baked in the pan with wonderful results. First time and every time with a deliciously crispy base."

Bron Marshall is currently working on her very first recipe book, writing for Syrup magazine and her award winning food and recipe blog  - New Zealand's most internationally recognised food blog.

When she is not found behind the camera, writing or in the kitchen testing her many recipes, she can be found out in the vegetable patch with her husband and their two home-schooled sidekicks.

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