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SimmerMat makes it easy to simmer food slowly.

What is SimmerMat?
A uniquely designed heat diffuser or heat transfer plate.

How to Use the SimmerMat
SimmerMat is effective on all types of cooking appliance.

Where to Buy the SimmerMat
Purchase SimmerMat from leading resellers worldwide.

Who Uses SimmerMat
SimmerMat is used and recommended by top chefs and appliance manufacturers.

Crisper Pastry Pie Pan
Solves the problem of baking soggy pastry pie bases.

Baking Crispy Pie Crust
Tips on how to bake crispy pie bases for fruit and meat pies.

About SimmerMat
SimmerMat is the perfect simmering tool for commercial and home kitchens.

About the Company
SimmerMat is a New Zealand invention with a worldwide reputation.

SimmerMat comes in attractive and protective in-store packaging.

Promotional Material
A variety of material is available to help with SimmerMat promotion and advertising.

Latest Stories
Latest news about SimmerMat from around the world.

Press Kit
Information about SimmerMat for the media.

News Archive
Previous news stories about SimmerMat.

Links of interest to external websites.

Recipes using the SimmerMat.

Contact Simmermat
Email enquiry form.

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