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SimmerMat Overview SimmerMat is a
New Zealand invention with a worldwide reputation

About Us > Overview

food cooked with the SimmerMat will not catch and burnInvented and developed by Tom Tothill of Christchurch New Zealand in September 1997.

The idea of a steel plate with cones imprinted into its surface came about through the impossible problem of simmering sauces without constant attention, on a top quality gas cooktop.

This idea of cones on which a pot sits is totally unique in the world. No one had ever thought to profile a steel plate with cones; so that the point of contact with the pot is so small and so evenly spread the food will not catch and burn when the heat source is turned to low.

This simple principal has earned SimmerMat the reputation world wide as the best quality, and most functional heat diffuser ever invented.

Invented for gas it has proven to be absolutely outstanding for every cooking appliance known to man. It changes the concept of cooking casseroles as they can be cooked on the stovetop saving energy as well as eliminating cooking odours in the house.

Tom Tothill registered SimmerMat Limited in February 2001 to enable the company to trade and develop a history of growth to attract venture capital, outside investment, and additional managerial skills needed to expand the business.

Tony Saunders joined the Company as a director in April 2004 introducing a financial structure, skills in inventory, ordering, pricing, financial management, dispatching, marketing and quality control.

The company has developed Distributors in important international markets who conduct a structured marketing plan for their territories.

United States of America:
Peter Vander Stichele of I.M.C.G Inc. of Lake Mary, Orlando, Florida.

Graham Donaldson Enterprises Pty Ltd, Lytton, Queensland.

United Kingdom:
G W International Limited, Burnley, Lancashire.

Bartscher GmbH Salzkotten Nordrein.

Philip Carter, 150th Street, Surrey, British Columbia.

New Zealand:
Parnell Agencies Limited, Tawa, Wellington.

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