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SimmerMat scores high
with The Cooking Club
of America

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Cooking Club of America Awards Seal of Approval to the SimmerMat™

LAKE MARY, FL. (March 2007) – The Cooking Club of America today announced that the SimmerMat™ received their Kitchen Tested Seal of Approval. The SimmerMat™, recognized as the best heat diffuser of its type in the world, was proven to be a high quality, indispensable tool for every kitchen.

The Cooking Club of America is a cooking club consisting of 500,000 members, throughout the US. The SimmerMat™ was tested by 245 members who rigorously test products in a variety of applications. The SimmerMat™ was rated on ten different criteria and scored especially high on quality, ease of use, performance and the clarity of instructions.

“We are extremely pleased that the SimmerMat™ received the Cooking Club of America Seal of Approval.” said Peter Vander Stichele, President of IMCG, Inc. “It confirms all the tremendous feedback we have received from many of the tens of thousands of customers who love the SimmerMat’s unique design and superb performance.”

The octagonal shaped SimmerMat™ is made from high-quality zero-carbon steel. It has 12 strategically-placed cones, which transmit heat evenly to the base of the pot – so the food inside won’t scorch and burn when used on any cooking surface. The SimmerMat™ comes in two decorative finishes, in either black enamel or dark blue pyrolytic enamel.

Key Features of the SimmerMat™:

  • Considered the best heat diffuser in the world, indispensable in every home or
    professional kitchen.
  • Provides perfect heat control: It eliminates hot spots - nothing will scorch or burn.
  • Works on all cooking appliances: gas, electric, glass, ceramic, solid plate elements,
    barbecue, camping and marine stoves, etc.
  • Replaces the need for slow cooker, double boiler, and rice cooker.
  • Ideal to prepare soup, casseroles, rice, oatmeal, milk desserts & sauces, chutney, pickle
    & relishes, melt chocolate & toffee, or keep drinks hot.
  • Award-winning finalist in the New Products Cookware/Bakeware division at the
    New York Gourmet Housewares Show in 2004.
  • Cooking Club of America Tested & Recommended Seal of Approval in 2007.
  • Made of the highest quality zero carbon steel, enameled. Octagonal shape, 7 7/8” wide.
  • Easy to use, dishwasher safe.

IMCG, Inc. March 2007

SimmerMat Loved by New Zealand's Top Food Magazines

Cuisine Magazine published recently their Top 100, featuring the food, drink, people, places
and things they love the best. The SimmerMat, along with its inventor Tom Tothill, featured
at number 65. The article as published follows.

Tom Tothill of Christchurch invented the SimmerMat because he was so frustrated at trying
to simmer on gas - he just couldn't get the heat low enough. It's a clever, simple device
consisting of a steel plate with 12 cones. The saucepan sits on the tips of the cones, the
points of contact so small and evenly spread that food does not catch or burn. It has also turned out to be good for everything from coil elements and ceramic tops to camping stoves.
Tom now makes 600,000 a year (in China) and exports them, mainly to the US. Available in
kitchen stores.

Cuisine Magazine, issue 116, May 2006

A Slow Simmer

A fantastic tool in any kitchen is the SimmerMat - it was invented by New Zealander Tom
Tothill in 1997 and since then more than one million SimmerMats have been sold around the
world. The heat diffuser sits under your cooking pot and allows perfect heat control for long,
slow simmering by transferring heat evenly over the base of the cooking pot. It eliminates
hot spots and ensures food doesn't catch, burn or spoil and saves pots from damage and
harsh cleaning. It also reduces steam and cooking smells. The new generation enamelled
SimmerMat won the Best New Product Award (Cookware/Bakeware) at the 2004 New York
Gourmet Housewares Show. The SimmerMat can be used on any cooktop, is dishwasher
proof and has a lifetime guarantee. Available at leading homewares stores or visit

Dish Magazine, Issue 7, February - April 2006

New York Gourmet Housewares Show Award to SimmerMat

SimmerMat was one of the top three finalists in the New Products Cookware/Bakeware Division at the New York Gourmet Housewares Show on October 18, 2004.

This award gave SimmerMat entry to the 2nd Annual International Housewares Design
Awards (in the Cookware/Bakeware Division), judged prior to an Awards Ceremony on January 18, 2005 at the New York Marriott Marquis.

SimmerMat narrowly missed the cut but was up with the best tradition of Kiwi ingenuity.
Since the New York award, a huge demand has developed for SimmerMat worldwide. The product is now recognized as the best heat diffuser of its type in the world. This is because
it can be used on every type of cooking appliance.

SimmerMat’s design is unique, it will last a lifetime, and looks attractive. It will grace any kitchen!

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