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SimmerMat - "it really works!"

News Room > Latest Stories

SimmerMat testimonials tell us it really works!"It Really Works!" SimmerMat customers tell us

Amazon, America's largest online retailer, features the SimmerMat in their Kitchen and Dining section, for sale through our US distributor IMCG.

Their listing has received some great reviews from people who have bought and used the Simmermat. Here are just a few taken from the site:

Great item!

"This has already saved several pot's from being scorched or burned. Don't know how I cooked without it!"
Bobbie S. Hudson Penick, Indianapolis, Indiana United States

It really works!

"I was extremely pleased to find that this product really works. My pots don't boil over any more when I'm simmering rice or soup. It's a very simple principle and a very good design, superior to most of its competition."
Nancy Beiman "Northernexpress", Ontario, Canada

Excellent for making tomatoe sauce!!

"No need to babysit your sauces with this simmer mat. Just bring up to a boil put on the simmer mat turn the heat down low, & your good to go!! LOVE IT!"

Great. Quick Delivery

"I ordered this as a gift. It arrived quickly and was just as I expected."
Susan Ballazhi

I depend on it.,

"Even at its lowest setting, the so-called simmer ring on my gas stove would always bring my meat sauce or pot roast to a slow boil. With the Simmer Mat, I have so much more control. I only wish I had known about it a long time ago!"
Elizabeth of Wellesly, MA

Amazon, 2010

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