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How to use SimmerMat SimmerMat is effective on all types of cooking appliances

Using SimmerMat > How to use

On Gas
- Points Up
On Gas - Points Up

Solid Plate or Coil
- Points Up
Solid Plate or Coil - Points Up

  • Cook your food or bring to the boil. Remove the pot
    from the stove and turn down the heat.

    The ARIS™ SimmerMat™ is a simmering tool and is only to be used on low heat settings.

  • Place the ARIS™ SimmerMat™ over the heat source.

For glass, ceramic or induction cookers, place the ARIS™ SimmerMat™ on the cooking surface POINTS DOWN.

For gas, electric or solid fuel cookers, place the ARIS™ SimmerMat™ on the cooking surface POINTS UP.

  • Position the pot on top of the ARIS™ SimmerMat™. Place a lid on the pot to retain moisture.


  • Always use your ARIS™ SimmerMat™ on the smallest element irrespective of the size of saucepan.
  • Never leave the ARIS™ SimmerMat™ on the heated element without a pot on top.
  • Never preheat the SimmerMat before use.
  • Always use the SimmerMat with a pot on top.
  • Always use tongs when handling a hot SimmerMat.
  • Only use on low heat settings for simmering.

When used correctly, the ARIS™ SimmerMat™ will not damage cooking appliances.

To Clean:

  • Place in the dishwasher.
  • Hand wash with a soft cloth. Do not use harsh brushes or scouring pads as they will damage the surface.

Other Uses:
When the SimmerMat is cold, you can use it as a mat on which to put a very hot pan, to save the bench being burnt.

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