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How to use SimmerMat Solve the problem that has troubled cooks for years - how to bake crispy pie bases

Crisper Pastry Pie Pan > Baking Tips

Grease the pan

  • Spray the Crisper Pastry Pie Pan lightly first with a non-stick cooking spray or butter before lining it with the pastry. This way it may be possible to slide the pie out of the dish when it has cooled to make it easier to cut and serve.

baking tips for making crispy flakey pastry piesChill the fat first

  • When making dough for a flaky pie crust, always chill your shortening or butter first before cutting it into the flour.
  • The butter should never be over mixed so it disappears into the flour - the mix needs to resemble very course bread crumbs or meal.

Cool the filling

  • Completely cool any cooked fillings before adding it to an uncooked pie crust. Bake your pie quickly on a high heat, ensuring the crust cooks before the filling can reach boiling point, which will reduce the risk of spills.

Don't over fill

  • If you are using acidic fruit such as cherries, blueberries or similar in your pie filling along with a large amount of sugar, don't over fill the pie. Unlike apple pies, these fruits will expand during baking, increasing the risk of them breaking through the crust and spoiling your pie.

Avoiding spills

  • If you are worried about oven spills, use an oven liner in the bottom of your oven. Never place the Crisper Pie Pan directly on top of a solid surface in the oven, such as a baking tray, as this will cover the specially designed perforations in the base that let the heat through to crisp the crust.
  • To avoid excess fruit liquid from spilling out and spoiling your pie as it cooks, add a thickener to the fruit filling like potato starch, arrowroot or powdered tapioca.

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