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About SimmerMat The perfect simmering tool for commercial and home kitchens

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SimmerMat is made from high-quality zero-carbon steel. It has 12 strategically-placed cones, which transmit heat evenly to the base of the pot – so the food inside won’t catch and burn when used on any cooking surface. See our how to use page for instructions on using the SimmerMat on different cooking surfaces.

SimmerMat is finished in either black enamel or dark blue pyrolytic enamel, which not only look good in the kitchen for many years but can also withstand moderate heat.
The round SimmerMat is 210 mm (8 inches) in diameter and the octagonal one 200mm (7.8 inches).

SimmerMat works on every type of gas cooking appliance and also on electric elements, solid fuel burners, and all commercial stoves.

SimmerMat Packaging

SimmerMat’s attractive packaging protects the product.

How SimmerMat
How SimmerMat Works

Heat is trapped under the SimmerMat and released evenly through the points to the base of the pot.

SimmerMat displays
well instore
SimmerMat displays well instore

SimmerMat's useful display stand showsthe product to best advantage.

Simmermat Spawns New Device:
A special Induction Plate has been developed for use on Induction Cook-tops. The principle of this plate is to increase the surface area in contact with the base of the pot. This has been achieved by reducing the number of profiles. Every type of cooking vessel is then available to be used on an Induction Cook-top. This will be marketed along with SimmerMats.

Round SimmerMat available in
dark blue or black enamel.
Round SimmerMat available in dark blue or black enamel.

Octagonal SimmerMat available in
dark blue or black enamel.
Octagonal SimmerMat available in dark blue or black enamel.

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