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Now long slow simmering is easy with SimmerMat

Cooking with SimmerMat

It's easy to control your cooking surface with the multi purpose SimmerMat heat transfer plate - ideal for sauces, jams and rice.

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How SimmerMat Works

If you are new to SimmerMat take our guided tour to learn how SimmerMat makes your work in the kitchen easier.

How SimmerMat Works

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A no-fuss solution to a problem that has confounded cooks for years - our latest product, the Crisper Pastry Pie Pan.

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SimmerMat wins Award

SimmerMat wins Cooking Club Seal of Approval

Cooking Club of America awards seal of approval to the SimmerMat.

Who's using SimmerMat

Who’s using SimmerMat

SimmerMat is the choice of good cooks and chefs world wide.

Baking with the Crispy Pastry Pie Pan

Baking with the Crisper Pastry Pie Pan

Tips for baking the perfect pie without a soggy base.


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